Acrylic Double Sided Poster Holder

Acrylic Double Sided Poster Holder

Double Sided Poster Holder made from high quality acrylic. Update posters quickly with the easy access side opening. Ideal multi-purpose holder for many industries from retail to beauty

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Acrylic Double Sided Poster Holder

Features and benefits of an Acrylic Double Sided Poster Holder

A premium Acrylic Freestanding Poster or Menu Holder is a fantastic way to promote your prices, business or product spec for your customers and visitors to see clearly. The double sided display means you are getting two advertising opportunities for the price of one, making this a great investment for restaurants, retailers, events and many more industries.

What is the Poster Holder made of?

The A7 - A4 displays are manufactured from the finest 2mm acrylic and the A3 holder is 3mm thick acrylic. The acrylic is diamond polished for a clear and professional finish.

How do I update my graphic?

Rotating your displays has never been easier - You simply slide your graphic in and out at the side of the display for a quick and simple change over.

Why choose acrylic over styrene?

Whilst visually it may be hard to spot the difference between the two materials, there is a difference in the quality.

Acrylic has a shinier, more professional finish and is less susceptible to scratches. It is a rigid material with a heavier density that is diamond polished for the perfect finish.

Styrene is a more affordable alternative which is a little lighter in density and comes with smooth frosted edges. Whilst there are benefits to both materials, for a more premium look we recommend acrylic.

I would like a different size that isn't available on the web, can you do this?

Yes we can. As we manufacture our own products, we are able to create bespoke orders. If you would like to make your own amendments to this product, just get in touch with us today for your custom quote.


ProductSize (cm) W x HSize (inches) W x H
A329.7cm x 42cm11.7” x 16.5”
A421cm x 29.7cm8.2” x 11.7”
A514.8cm x 21cm5.8” x 8.2”
A610.5cm x 14.8cm4.1” x 5.8”
A77.4cm x 10.5cm2.9” x 4.1”
A85.2cm x 7.4cm2” x 2.9”
A93.7cm x 5.2cm1.4” x 2”

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