Dairy Freezer Label Solution

Dairy Freezer Label Solution

Dairy Freezer Label Solution for use with supermarket shelves. Hangs at a 25 degree angle and measures 39mm in height. Display barcodes or prices clearly for staff and customers to see

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Features and benefits of Dairy Freezer Label Solution for Supermarket Shelves

1.The Dairy Freezer Label Solution is designed to fit Supermarket Shelves 

2.The Dairy Freezer Label Solution hangs at approx 25 degree angle to shelf - Ideal viewing for passing customers.

3.They are available in a wide range of colours, depths and lengths as required. The standard height is 39mm.

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Shelf Data Strip

Shelf Data Strip

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If you would like a different size  just get in touch with us for a custom design and quote.

Shelf Data StripShelf Data Strip

Shelf Data StripShelf Data Strip

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