Two-Tier Metal Countertop Display Rack

Two-Tier Metal Countertop Display Rack

Includes two open shelf trays for displaying a variety of items. Black powder coated finish complements any retail setting. Durable tube construction designed to withstand any busy environment. Four Wheels with locking castors aid transportation and stability.

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Item Name.:

Two-Tier Metal Countertop Display Rack

Item No.:


Overall Size:

1220mm x 1000mm x 1120mm

Surface Finished:

Powder Coated Black


Stores, Supermarkets,Pharmacies, Bakeries, Restaurants,etc

Features and benefits of Two-Tier Metal Countertop Display Rack

This tube metal rack is designed specifically for use on a counter or tabletop area. This tiered display is fabricated from durable tube with a powder coated black finish. A storage stand, tube metal rack is versatile and functional for use in any retail environment. The design of this countertop display allows a large quantity of items to be offered without consuming a lot of valuable merchandising space. Create a successful point of purchase presentation with this tube metal rack. Most any type of small products needs to match the basket can be placed in these trays. A tube metal rack is commonly seen in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants and cafeterias.

This countertop display, tube metal rack will keep your merchandise neatly organized, while remaining highly visible to the public. Made with an angled back design, this tiered display allows customers to easily view all the products on the shelf. The shelf below has four wheels with locking castor.

It is easy to move with the goods to any place,Move to a suitable place to fix the wheels ,then the whole shelf is locked,can't to be moved.

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Two-Tier Metal Countertop Display Rack

Two-Tier Metal Countertop Display Rack

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