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Analysis of the present situation of display cabinet industry in China

- May 23, 2017 -

Although the current ceramic tile display industry in China is still in a rapid development stage, but with the foreign shelves of the company's presence in China, will inevitably present some new development characteristics. First of all, the current technology in China's shelves industry single, and did not form the corresponding industry norms, the industry area is relatively concentrated, demand units only choose different shelf vendors opportunities, and there is no choice of different shelves of opportunity, because the country-wide ceramic tile display industry products are the same. And the foreign industry stationed, there must be a shelf product quality differences, then the competition will inevitably aggravate! Secondly, with more foreign capital injected into our market, it will inevitably lead to more and more ceramic tile display enterprises to standardize the operation, improve the benefits from the logistics of the third source of profit, more and more people would gradually realize the necessity of shelves, the demand for the shelves of each enterprise is growing. Once again, a comprehensive open, will inevitably bring about the dispersion of demand, the country has, so inevitably led to the shelf industry from the current concentration gradually spread across the country. At present, the level of understanding of the shelves industry is not high, there are many places such as the northeast and northwest, do not know the shelves, also do not know the tile display stand, is still in the stage of not knowing their needs. However, with the continuous development of our economy, the deeper the enterprise is aware of the logistics storage, the demand for the shelves will be with the Japanese!

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