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Difference between PVC material and ABS material

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Difference between PVC material and ABS material

The advantages of PVC gusset mainly in the following aspects:

1. Light weight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture, flame retardant, acid, corrosion resistance.

2. Stability, good dielectric, durable, anti-aging, easy welding and bonding.

3. Bending strength and impact toughness, rupture higher elongation.

4. Through kneading, mixing, pulling tablets, pelletizing, extrusion or die-casting process is easy to process molding, to meet the needs of various profiles specifications.

5. Smooth surface, bright color, very decorative, decorative applications wider.

6. Construction process is simple, more convenient installation.


ABS plastic features:

1, good overall performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical properties.

2, with 372 plexiglass welding good, made of two-color plastic parts, and the surface can be chrome, paint treatment.

3, a high impact, high heat, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent and other levels.

4, liquidity almost worse than HIPS, better than PMMA, PC, etc., good flexibility. Uses: Suitable for the production of general mechanical parts, wear-resistant wear parts, transmission parts and telecommunications parts.

ABS resin is currently the largest output, the most widely used polymer, which will PS, SAN, BS of the various properties of organic unity, both tough, hard, just phase equilibrium of the excellent mechanical properties. ABS is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, A represents acrylonitrile, B represents butadiene and S represents styrene.

6. ABS plastic is generally opaque, the appearance of light ivory, non-toxic, tasteless, both tough, hard, just the characteristics of slow combustion, yellow flame, black smoke, burning plastic softened, scorched, Issued a special cinnamon odor, but no melting dripping phenomenon.

7. ABS plastic with excellent overall performance, excellent impact strength, dimensional stability, electrical properties, wear resistance, chemical resistance, dyeing, molding and machining better. ABS resin is water-resistant, inorganic salts, alkali and acids, insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, but easily soluble in aldehydes, ketones, esters and some chlorinated hydrocarbons.

8. The disadvantages of ABS engineering plastics: heat distortion temperature is low, flammable, weather resistance is poor.

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