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Disadvantage of Screen Printing

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Disadvantage of Screen Printing

1. Multi-color

It is well-known that screenprinting can print only one color at a time. That multi-color printing is going to be complex, complicated color sets! The requirements of the color technology are relatively high, technicians in this area is relatively small, less color, but if you need to print four or five colors, it is inevitable that there will be no phenomenon of color registration. This will increase the scrap rate of the product, the cost will be increased accordingly. But like the kind of four colors or more gradient color patterns, silk screen is only beyond one's expectations!

2. Small batch

We all know that silk screen printing if you want to have a set of processes can not be saved. That is the plate, a film. If the amount is small, then these costs are quite high. Therefore, the general silk screen companies do not take small jobs, mainly because of the high cost!

3, arc limit

Screen printing, this process can only be for a more flat product, if it is some bump then completely solved.

4. The amount of ink can not be controlled

As we all know, some products in the printing at the same time is to maintain its original state, especially textile products, after printing, many customers want to maintain the texture of textiles, so silk screen is very difficult to do.

There is a process that can be used to solve these problems with screen printing, which is a flatbed printer. This process is a new type of digital process that can print in one color at a time and print at exactly the same cost for small quantities. And can allow a certain degree of curvature (5-7MM), and the ink is very small, printed on the fabric will not affect the texture of the slightest. So this process can be used with silk screen to complete some of the more difficult to solve the product. Silk screen technology can be better and more perfect development!

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