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Electrostatic Spray Process

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Electrostatic Spray Process

Electrostatic Spray Process Principle:

Is the use of corona discharge powder coating on the workpiece adsorption. The process is this: Powder coating by the powder supply system by compressed air into the gun, plus the front end of the gun with a high-voltage electrostatic generator generates high voltage, due to corona discharge, in the vicinity of dense charge, the powder from the muzzle When sprayed out, the formation of charged paint particles, which by the role of electrostatic force, is drawn to its opposite polarity of the workpiece, with the spray powder increased, the more charge accumulation, when a certain thickness, due to static electricity Exclusion, they will not continue to adsorb, so that the entire workpiece to obtain a certain thickness of the powder coating, and then heated to melt the powder, leveling, curing, that is, in the workpiece surface to form a hard coating.

Electrostatic Spray Process:

1, pre-treatment:

OBJECTIVE: To remove the oil, dust and rust on the surface of the workpiece and to form a "phosphating layer" on the surface of the workpiece to resist corrosion and increase the adhesion of the spray coating.

The main process steps: degreasing, rust, phosphating, passivation. After the pre-treatment of the workpiece not only the surface without oil, rust, dust, and the original silver-white shiny surface to generate a uniform and rough not rusty gray phosphate film, both rust and spray layer can increase Adhesion.

2, electrostatic spraying

Purpose: Spraying a powder coating evenly on the surface of a workpiece. Special workpieces (including those prone to electrostatic shielding) should be sprayed using a high performance electrostatic spray machine.

Process steps:

The use of electrostatic adsorption principle, the surface of the workpiece evenly sprayed with a layer of powder coating;

The falling powder is recycled through the recovery system and can be reused after it is sifted.

3, high temperature curing

Purpose: The surface of the powder coating heated to the specified temperature and the corresponding time, so that the melting, leveling, curing, to get the effect we want the workpiece surface.

Process steps: the workpiece will be sprayed into the curing oven, heated to a predetermined temperature (typically 185 degrees), and the corresponding time (15 minutes); open the furnace cooling to obtain the finished product. General different parts, heating temperature and holding time are also different.

Tip: heating and control system (including electric heating, fuel, gas, coal and other heating methods) + insulation box = curing oven.

4, baked cool

Baked out the cooling process is the result of the spray cooling process to return to normal temperature of a process.

5, decorative treatment

Purpose: After electrostatic spraying the workpiece to achieve a special kind of appearance effects such as: a variety of wood, patterns, such as light.

Process steps: cover light; transfer and other processing.

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