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How does the wicker basket weave

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Main raw materials white wicker, sulfur and so on.

Equipment scythe, a flail, etc.

Production methods

The first ingredient is preparation. The northeast region will be made of white wicker around mid-july. Put the wicker in the flail, and try not to make it too big. Pull the skin and get the white wicker. The stripes are to be dried immediately, for example, if you don't get the time, the stripes will turn red and yellow and the stripes won't get wet. Then, the white wicker strips will be hung in thickness and length. Braid small fruit basket of material, had better choose the white wicker bar that is 4 millimeter to make basket bottom diameter stripe, thick 2 millimeter is used to make bottom point, help diameter, help enclothe bar. Soak in a water basin, soak until soft and then use.

Take the bottom diameter of 10, divide up and down two layers, each row 5 is placed in the shape of a well. Use two bottom hole strips to separate the bottom diameter. On the outside of the dividing line, leave the elliptical perforation of 12 cm long and 6 cm wide, and then make up the bottom of the hole. When the base is 21 cm long and 16 cm wide in the oval, you can get the bottom edge. Then we'll pick up the trail and start making up. When the help is up to 8 cm, the two ends are 10 centimeters tall, the top width is 20.5 centimeters, 28 centimeters long, can collect the edge. The small fruit baskets that are then collected are concentrated in a closed house or in a VAT. Prepare a bowl of sulfur in a bowl. The dosage is sulphur 500g for every 200 small fruit baskets. The purpose of the sulfur is to eliminate the small basket of bacteria and increase its brightness and whiteness. The time of the sulfur is 1 ~ 3 hours.

Process flow mining strip 

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