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How to customize the display stand

- Jul 15, 2018 -

After the goods that need to be displayed are clearly defined, then contact the manufacturer that can make the display stand to order, so as to make a field reference. Display frame size: the display frame can be more reasonable according to the position of the display and the number of goods you want to display. Display frame material: there are many kinds of materials, and the standard we need to measure is the price of products. Of course, high-end products must be set off by high-end display frames. Display rack style: in order to launch the new season's products, the new style of display rack is also a highlight, as long as remember to keep up with the trend of The Times will be correct; Display frame price: another factor that needs to be considered is the price, so that we can customize the display frame, the real quality and low price.

According to the product characteristics, design matching product promotion reveal frame, coupled with creative LOGO sign, make products to be eye-catching display before the public, so as to increase the product publicity effect. "Selling point display" display rack can display the features of products in all aspects. Rich accessories, and each component can record live installation, a variety of color matching, professional designers exquisite design. The display rack of "selling points" overshadows traditional facilities.

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