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Industry Classification of Display frame

- May 23, 2017 -

Exhibition Showcase: This display cabinets of the production and design requirements of the most sophisticated, not only in the producers to ensure that the best use of materials, and design requirements will be higher, which of course and the nature of the exhibition is inseparable, because the most obvious feature of the exhibition is the accumulation of a large number of exhibitors and a large number of user groups, so need to be able to focus on the user in the tens of thousands of merchants, must be in the design of some effort, including lighting, VI, tonal collocation, etc. While exhibitors take into account the nature of the exhibition will have a certain amount of material and safety requirements for the presence of business, and to be more than the presence of the market showcase production requirements to be more than a raise; exhibition showcase is mainly used in Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, exhibition hall and other regional trade fair products show, to the whole booth custom-made. Store display cabinets: Shopping malls display cabinets, storefront showcase and so on; This type of display cabinets requirements mainly from the product, the request showcase design must conform to the product and brand VI image, as well as in the tone, LED lights and other matching with the user experience, mainly from the aesthetic, space and display three aspects to carry out the design; and this classification of the display cabinets in front of the material is not as diverse as exhibition cabinets, mainly paint showcase, stainless steel display stand, glass showcase, etc., the main process including carpentry, paint, etc.

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