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Installation Considerations and Instructions

- May 23, 2017 -

1. First to open all the packaging to the showcase, the size and models are classified separately. Better prepare a tape measure next to it. According to the picture and drawing first two minutes, figure out the structure of the various parts of the assembly, and then install. 2. Long large showcase installation of the top, should be noted first pour on the ground installation. A few people put up the showcase, so that the installation than the vertical when saving time. such as paging cabinets. 3. Special attention should be paid to the rails on both sides when installing drawers. Do not push hard, otherwise it is easy to damage the rails. First, pull out the motion lever in the guide rail. The drawer is then connected to the joystick, and the balance is slowly advancing. 4. When a showcase is shipped to the buyer's location, the buyer shall count the total number of items in the showcase in the same way as the total number of items on the logistics list. Confirm the total number of pieces and then mention the signature of the showcase; 5. The buyer should check the showcase if there is packaging damage and damage to the showcase, if there is such a situation should be suspended to receive the signature. After the logistics companies, manufacturers and parties to the three coordinated treatment, select a compromise solution to deal with and solve this batch of showcase after receiving; 6 buyers in the collection of display items to carry the display should pay special attention not to fall, pressure, squeeze, so as not to damage the showcase objects, when the display items moved to a fixed place, the exhibition board do not stack together, to erect up against the wall put. To avoid deformation or damage to the exhibition board. Please note.

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