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PC material main performance

- Dec 04, 2017 -

PC material main performance

a, mechanical properties: high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, creep is also small (high temperature conditions rarely change);

b, heat aging: enhanced UL temperature index of 120 ~ 140 ℃ (outdoor long-term aging is also very good);

c, solvent resistance: no stress cracking;

d, Stability to water: easy to decompose when exposed to water under high temperature (cautious use under high temperature and high humidity environment);

e, electrical performance:

1, Insulation: Excellent (humid, high temperature can also maintain electrical stability, is the ideal material for the manufacture of electronic and electrical parts);

2, dielectric coefficient: 3.0-3.2;

3, arc resistance: 120s;

f, molding processability: ordinary equipment injection molding or extrusion.

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Main Advantage

1, with high strength and elastic modulus, high impact strength, wide temperature range;

2, a high degree of transparency and free dyeing;

3, low forming shrinkage, good dimensional stability;

4, poor fatigue resistance;

5, good weather resistance;

6, excellent electrical characteristics;

7, tasteless odorless harmless to human health in line with health and safety.


Optical lighting

For the manufacture of large lampshades, protective glass, left and right eyepiece tube optical instruments, but also widely used in aircraft transparent materials.

Electronic appliances

Polycarbonate is an excellent E (120 ° C) grade insulation material used in the manufacture of insulated connectors, coil frames, headers, bushing, telephone housing and parts, and battery cases for miner's lamp. Can also be used to make high dimensional precision parts, such as compact discs, telephones, computers, video recorders, telephone switches, signal relays and other communications equipment. Polycarbonate thin touch is also widely used as capacitors, insulation bags, tapes, color video tapes.


It is used for making various gear, rack, worm gear, worm, bearing, cam, bolt, lever, crankshaft and ratchet. It can also be used for some mechanical equipment such as shell, cover and frame.

medical equipment

Can be used for medical purposes cups, cans, bottles and dental equipment, medicine containers and surgical instruments, and even can be used as artificial kidney, artificial lung and other artificial organs.

Other aspects

The building is used as a hollow double-wall slab, glass and other greenhouse; in the textile industry for textile bobbins, textile machine bearings; daily for bottles, cutlery, toys, models, LED lamp housing and cell phone case.

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