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Advantage of Screen Printing

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Advantage of Screen Printing

Origin Invention

Screen printing originated in China, dating back more than two thousand years of history. As early as in the Qin and Han Dynasties in ancient China, there emerged a method of printing the folder Jie. To the Eastern Han Dynasty Xie Jie batik method has been widespread, and the level of printed products have also been improved. To the great cause of the Sui Dynasty, people began to use a box stretched tulle printing, so that the development of the folder Jie Jie screen printing technology. According to historical records, the exquisite costumes worn by the court in the Tang Dynasty were printed in this way. To the Song Dynasty screen printing has been the development and improvement of the original use of oily coatings, began to add starch in the dye powder, making it a slurry for screen printing, screen printing products make the color more brilliant.

Screen printing is a big invention in China. The United States of America Screen Printing magazine commented on the Chinese screen printing technology: "There is evidence that the Chinese used horse bristles and templates two thousand years ago, and the early Ming dresses proved their competitive edge and processing technology. "The invention of screen printing has promoted the development of the world's human material civilization. Today, two thousand years later, the continuous development and improvement of screen printing technology has now become an indispensable part of human life.

Difference Characteristics

① printing adaptability

Flat printing, letterpress, gravure three general printing methods can only be printed on a flat substrate. The screen printing can not only print on the plane, you can also curved, spherical and concave and convex printing on the substrate. On the other hand, screen printing can not only print on hard objects, but also print on soft objects regardless of the texture of the substrate. In addition, screen printing in addition to direct printing, but also can be used according to the need for indirect printing method of printing, that is first screen printing in gelatin or silicone version, and then transferred to the substrate. So we can say that screen printing adaptability, a wide range of applications.

② ink thick, strong sense of three-dimensional

Texture-rich Offset and embossed ink layers typically have a thickness of 5 microns, a gravure of about 12 microns, a flexographic (aniline) printed ink layer thickness of 10 microns, and screen-printed ink layers much thicker than the ink Layer thickness, generally up to 30 microns. Printed circuit board with a thick screen printing, ink layer thickness up to 1000 microns. Printed Braille dots with foamed ink, foamed ink layer thickness up to 1300 microns. Screen printing ink thick, rich print quality, strong sense of three-dimensional, which is other printing methods can not be compared. Screen printing can not only monochrome printing, but also for color and screen color printing.

③ light fastness

Bright color Because screen printing has the characteristics of slippery printing, so it can use a variety of inks and coatings, not only can use syrup, adhesives and various pigments, you can also use the coarse particles of pigment. In addition, the screen printing ink deployment method is simple, for example, can put the light-resistant pigment directly into the deployment of ink, which is another major feature of screen printing. Screen printing products have a great advantage of lightfastness. Practice has shown that according to the maximum density range of black ink measured after a stamping on coated paper, the offset printing is 1.4, the embossing printing is 1.6 and the intaglio printing is 1.8, and the range of the maximum printing density can be Up to 2.0, so screen printing products lightfastness than other types of printed products, lightfastness, more suitable for outdoor advertising, signs use.

④ printing area

The current general offset printing, embossing and other printing methods of printing the size of the largest area for the whole Zhang size, more than the full size, mechanical and mechanical constraints. The screen printing can be large-area printing, the largest screen printing products today up to 3 m × 4 m, or even larger.

The above four points are the difference between screen printing and other printing, but also the characteristics and advantages of screen printing. Understand the characteristics of screen printing, select the printing method, you can avoid weaknesses, highlighting the advantages of screen printing, in order to achieve a more ideal printing results.

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