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Screen Printing Main Application

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Screen Printing Main Application

Main Application

The range of screen printing applications is very wide. In addition to water and air (including other liquids and gases), any one of the objects can be used as a substrate. Someone once commented on screen printing: If you want to find the ideal printing method on the earth and achieve the purpose of printing, it is probably the screen printing method.

Specifically, screen printing is mainly used in the following areas:

① paper printing art printing - advertising, pictures, calendars, lanterns and paper.

Trademark printing

Transfer printing

Packaging and Printing

Building materials printing - paste wallpaper.

② plastic printing plastic film - vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags and so on.

Plastic standard - fake metal composite materials and a variety of standard.

Production of parts - instrumentation.

③ wood products printing crafts - lacquer, wooden crafts, toys.

Semi-finished products processing - sporting goods, wood, ceilings, road signs, signs, fake metal plate, billboards and so on.

④ metal products printing metal tube, metal utensils, metal products.

⑤ glass, ceramic printing glass - mirror, glass, cups, bottles and so on.

Ceramic - utensils, handicrafts.

⑥ signs text description board, dial, forming objects.

⑦ PCB printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrate, thick film integrated circuit board, cold light film.

⑧ printing and dyeing printing - flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear and so on. '

Other printing - pocket, shoes, number cloth and all kinds of bags, backpacks, handbags, bags and so on.

⑨ leather products printing

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