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Supermarket Shelf Edge Chrome Tube Perpendicular Magnetic Display Sign Holder

- Dec 21, 2017 -

The advantages of supermarket shelves

1, with shelves display, can efficient use of limited open space, decorate the goods in perfect orderly, make the customer be clear at a glance, the fastest product information sent to the customer, through the emotional display of goods, motivate and strengthen the determination to buy, is also a salesman to provide a high standard of services to customers to operate basic facilities.

2. Display products on shelves, which can effectively prevent moisture, dust, theft, and damage prevention, etc., to improve the storage quality of materials.

Characteristics of shelves货架.jpg

1. Beautiful and generous, with strong structure and diversified specifications; The design modelling has the time air, the supermarket shelves are the single and double side shelves can be combined, the single side shelf can be combined with the corner, the two sides can be combined with the semicircle; The interval can be adjusted arbitrarily, appearing noble and generous;

2. The luxurious and elegant appearance and the modern shopping environment have created a new concept of business.

3. Raise the base of the bracket and increase the capacity of the bearing capacity, so that the width and length of the laminates should be increased to meet the capacity of large shopping malls.

4. The surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, which has a variety of colors and has a strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect.

5. Easy to install, with any choice;

6. The welding of vertical column and base foot has increased the insurance coefficient of the shelf, which prevents the shelves from producing gradual change in the heavy and strong state, and eliminates the hidden trouble in the mall.

7. Good versatility, equipped with various products to display special accessories, suitable for comprehensive supermarket demand;

8. Surface treatment of shot blasting, oil removal and surface spraying.

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