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What basic knowledge should be understood in the design of tile display frame

- May 23, 2017 -

(a) The design of the length of the tile display frame: (1) to understand the specifications of the card board, such as the goods exceeding the card board, should be calculated in excess of the size. (2) The general design of each layer put two card board, card Board and card board between the interval between 70-100mm (high display rack interval 100MM, the lower display rack can 70MM). Da If the card board length is small (such as: 800MM), you can consider three cards per layer. (3) Formula: Li Card Board length Bing (70-100) * (interval number). (ii) The design of the width of the tile display frame: (1) The actual size of the card board width. (2) If the customer requirements to add across the beam, the steel plate and other accessories, the width of the exhibition frame can be designed with the same size as the card board width. (3) Formula: D Card Board width 200mm (iii) tile display frame height design: (1) Specific height according to customer space and other factors. (2) The height needs to be 75MM integer times, if not, take similar values. (3) Formula: H (layer height) = Cargo height +100 (interval) + beam height (load difference, specification is different). (iv) Channel: According to forklift performance (such as: Operating channel, high, load, etc.), determine the forklift channel. (v) Related accessories: Pillar, crossbeam, cross beam and other accessories. (vi) Special attention: Card Board style, the goods are outstanding, display rack size specifications, floor weight, site, fire and so on.

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