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What is the Plastic Deformation

- Dec 27, 2017 -

What is the Plastic Deformation

Plastic Deformation:Material under the action of external forces to produce deformation, and in the removal of external force, the elastic deformation of the part disappear, can not be restored and retained that part of the deformation is the plastic deformation.

Material under stress and strain (ie, deformation). When the stress does not exceed the elastic limit of the material, the resulting deformation is completely eliminated after the external force is removed and the material is restored to its original shape. This deformation is a reversible elastic deformation. When the stress exceeds the elastic limit of the material, the resulting deformation can not be fully recovered after the external force is removed, while the residual part of the deformation, the material can not be restored to its original shape, the residual deformation is irreversible plastic deformation. In the forging, rolling, drawing and other processing, the resulting elastic deformation is much smaller than the plastic deformation, usually negligible. Such use of plastic deformation of the material forming processing methods, collectively referred to as plastic processing. 

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