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What is the Pressure Welding

- Dec 28, 2017 -

What is the Pressure Welding

Pressure welding refers to the combination of welding with or without heating under the application of a certain pressure to make it plastic deformation or melting and recrystallization and diffusion through the role of the two separate surface atoms to form a metal bond to connect Welding method. Many types of pressure welding, commonly used resistance welding, forging welding, contact welding, friction welding, pressure welding, cold welding, explosion welding are all areas of pressure welding.

Pressure welding is a typical solid-phase welding method, the solid-phase welding must use the pressure to be welded parts of the surface in direct contact with the solid state, and to be welded parts of the temperature, by adjusting the temperature, pressure and time, so that The surface of the weld is fully diffused to achieve the bonding between the atoms.

Pressure welding is under pressure conditions, so that the two work pieces in the solid state to achieve atomic integration, also known as solid state welding. Commonly used in the welding process is resistance butt welding, when the current through the two ends of the workpiece, where the resistance due to a large temperature rise, when heated to plastic state, under the action of axial pressure connected to become one.

Pressure welding, including explosion welding, cold pressure welding, friction welding, diffusion welding, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding and resistance welding. A common feature of various press-welding methods is the application of pressure during the welding process without filler material. Most compression welding methods such as diffusion welding, high frequency welding, cold pressure welding and so no melting process, so there is no such as melting of the beneficial alloying elements burning, and harmful elements invade the weld problem, thus simplifying the welding process, but also Improved welding safety and hygiene conditions. At the same time as the heating temperature is lower than the welding, heating time is short, so heat-affected zone is small. Many materials that are difficult to weld by fusion welding can often be welded to high quality joints of the same strength as the base metal.

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