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A Batch Of Goods To British Customers

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Our company mainly engaged in POP promotional props and commercial exhibits, Be widely used in large shopping malls, Supermarkets, Clothing stores, Convenience stores, Vegetables and Fruit supermarkets, etc.

Today is 2017/9/21 Thursday, Although this day the weather is not very good, Outside the consonance with a few drops of light rain, But still can not stop the goods to the UK, The goods a total of 8 categories, The warehouse filled with 21 A tray, A total of 1194 goods, Starting from the Shanghai port, No accident, Then a month can reach the British port.

Our company is basically a week to be able to complete an order, A week will be able to out of a cabinet, To ensure product quality under the premise of such a high yield, Not only by the workers and workers between the perfect match, Leadership Wise command, The key is by the customer long-term trust between our company.

Hangzhou Fulinde Display Manufacturer
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