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Aluminum Poster Hanger

- May 28, 2018 -

Aluminum Poster Hanger are the finest aluminum clad poster and banner hanging system. Available in a rounded or squared profile and both matte black and satin silver finishes, the selected aluminum extrusion style holds the plastic SnapGraphics gripper.

Simply open, insert any poster or banner up to 70 mil (.070") thick and snap closed and the SnapGraphic Gripper will hold your graphic firmly and securely. The patented design closes easily with the graphic inserted, and the gripper lobe engages and compresses the graphic against a soft cam surface creating incredible retaining power. Because of the unique design, no scoring, pockets, or other special graphic treatments are required, so you can change graphics in seconds and reuse them as often as desired. With the optional Screw Post accessory, rigid graphics up to 3/8" thick can also be used.

With the aluminum clad versions of the SnapGraphics poster and banner hangers, the plastic gripper portion slides into a specially designed channel that holds the plastic gripper securely.

Aluminum poster and banner hangers give a high end look your hanging displays, and provide a more elegant appearance than dowels and pole pockets. Since they can be reused repeatedly, they will pay for themselves fairly quickly compared with the cost of creating pole pockets on graphics. Pole pockets require extra material to make the pocket, and extra finishing such as tape or sewing, and these extras add to the cost of the graphics each time they are produced.

Aluminum Poster Hanger are sold as a set that includes the top and bottom bar, and two universal hanging clips. Additional hanging accessories such as hooks, connectors, grid clips, and hanging accessories are available in the Related Products tab. There are also accessories in the Related Products tab so Aluminum Poster Hanger can be joined together to support wider graphics, mount perpendicular to walls, slatwall or pegboard, mount flush to walls and slatwall, hang one graphic from the bottom of another, and be used to hang foam boards and other rigid graphics.

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