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Analyze Customer Ticket And Improve The Password Of Guest List

- Jan 05, 2018 -

When it comes to improving the unit price, we tend to think of commodities first, thinking about how to strengthen the commodity structure and product category management, while ignoring the real value source -- the customer. What are the different types of customer concerns? What are they looking at? What are they attracted by? What are the characteristics of their shopping behavior? So analyzing customer shopping small ticket, grasping customer's consumption habit, is the shortcut to raise the customer unit price. According to relevant statistics and analysis, customers who have a unit price of more than 100 yuan (depending on the consumption index of different cities), the most important commodities are red wine and cooked food. Customers who have a unit price of less than 20 yuan are most often bought with basic necessities such as cooking oil, rice and staple food. Usually stores guest unit price more than $100 in customer accounts for 3%, 6% (according to different consumption index change of the city), but 40% of its sales, that is to say as long as 1% increased 100 yuan the customer number, and can bring the sales growth of 10%. Gross margin, so the supermarket promotion to enhance the guest unit price or the price, can't rely on m but take wine, cooked food to promote, this cost may be lower than m, the promotion, but the supermarket income is much higher.

Only specify the simple example above, if the future in our business, we focus on customer receipts, found that customers shopping receipts data in the password, you will find that improve guest list we will start from where, how to prepare high guest list personnel promotion and other issues can be solved.

The market competition is increasingly fierce, the cost is minimal, the benefit maximization is the target that every retail person pursues. Only has the wisdom, every enterprise in combination with the actual situation of their market, form a practical and feasible management ideas and goals, with a strong implementation in place, only in this way our enterprises can in an impregnable position in the competitive market.

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