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C-star Provides Global Opportunities And Cutting-edge Solutions For The Retail Industry

- Apr 27, 2018 -

C-star provides global opportunities and cutting-edge solutions for the retail industry

The arrival of the 4th C-star Shanghai International Retail Design and Equipment Exhibition puts the whole retail industry in excitement. Retailers are ready to participate in this wonderful event. In 2018, C-star focuses on the topic of “Shaping the Future of Retailing” and will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 26th to 28th. By then, 110 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions will compete on this stage to showcase various new retail solutions. As the world's largest retail trade show - EuroShop's official satellite exhibition, C-star is based in China. With a global focus, retail equipment manufacturers and service providers at home and abroad who specialize in the Chinese retail market will present the latest products and creative solutions at the show.


Colorful supporting activities


With the support of numerous industry experts and associations, C-star has developed over the past three years and has become an ideal platform for the search for market opportunities. In 2018, C-star will continue to present more exciting supporting activities, including C-star International Retail Forum, EuroShop Retail Design Award (ERDA) and C-star New Product Launch Area.


This year's C-star International Retail Forum is home to world-class retail brands and retail solutions providers, executives from well-known brands such as Abuzz, Garde, Rosen, Lide, Metro, and Top Brand, as well as from the European Distribution Alliance. Retail experts from the Retail Research Institute, Eurasia Global Limited, the China Purchase Alliance Mall Development Committee, and Australian Ream Company will deliver exciting, insightful keynote speeches on the forum.


The EuroShop Retail Design Award gave C-star 2018 another glitz worldwide. This year's successful short-listed project combines unique store architectural concepts, colors, materials, lighting and visual marketing. The international retail industry expert judging panel will select the world's most eye-catching and popular retail design trends. The European Retail Alliance Retail Research Institute and Düsseldorf Exhibition Group will be on the first day of C-star 2018 (April 26th) ) Late to jointly award the winners.


The C-star new product launch area is a high-end stage for exhibitors to present their latest and most promising products and solutions to global audiences. In 2018, C-star, Shopworks, Futuristic Store Fixtures, Kai Oscar, BOE, City Idea and other innovative solution providers will share their latest stores with store managers, solution seekers and retail professionals from all over the world. Concepts, smart retail products and solutions.


Focus on new highlights in 2018 - ReTailor Hub brand store upgrades


The C-star 2018 will be the first to launch a brand-new brand store upgrade event, ReTailor Hub, to provide visitors with a variety of customized, unique display and smart retail store solutions designed to maximize the attraction and retention of customers. With the transformation of high-tech, consumer experience, and new retail formats, the two major retail brands, the ROCOCO rococo, and the refined Teddy World of Culture and Innovation, are the highlights of the first ReTailor Hub. For the exhibition to create a creative atmosphere, inspire store design and technology inspiration. The two brands will work together with 11 retail solution service providers to present the audience with stylish aesthetics + smart retail upgrade stores in a 300 square meter area, bringing a high-end visual feast that combines innovative design and black technology.


Designers and retail technology zones bring more inspiration


At this year's C-star, designers and retail technology zones will once again show off glamorous product solutions through outstanding store projects and smart technologies. In two zones, leading design studios from all over the world will create and display unique and aesthetically conscious project designs to bring a full range of advanced service solutions to the audience. Gorgeous visual marketing and store design will bring a new era of extraordinary shopping experiences to retail stores and their potential customers. The new retail concept focuses on building intelligent multi-channel solutions to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. C-star will present the most promising solutions to combine these services with smart retail.


In addition, C-star will continue to successfully cooperate with Hotel Plus Shanghai Hotel Engineering and Commercial Space Series Exhibition to jointly launch a one-stop retail and commercial space platform, “Retail World”. Through the close ties between the industries, the “retail world” will cover topics such as retail design and equipment, franchising, and self-service vending services, creating strategic synergies. "Retail World" will be your preferred platform for finding opportunities, discovering market trends, and displaying new products and technologies in the retail industry.

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