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Classification And Distinction Of Automatic Thrusters.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Because commodity types, requirements of automatic propeller type is more, including automatic propeller common two categories include: a body and fission thrusters, and a whole propeller is divided into unilateral and bilateral thrusters. There are similarities and differences between them, and then you'll have to look at the difference between the thrusters:

I. classification of automatic thrusters.

Automatic thrusters are divided into "one piece" and "separation", "one piece" is a fixed width, customized according to the place when the size of the goods, and "propeller" separate is can adjust the width of the oneself, can according to the size of the different products to adjust the width of the propeller.

The one-piece propeller is divided into "one single propeller" and "one bilateral propeller", the appearance of these two kinds of propeller is the same, only different places is only one side of "one single propeller" block partition, and "one bilateral propeller" is a double block partition.


Ii. Differences between automatic thrusters:

"One-piece propeller" and "propeller" separate role is to promote goods, the difference between two propellers: can split type propeller by merchants adjusted width, split type propeller can put cigarettes, canned beverages, milk powder, laundry detergent, etc. One-piece thrusters customised the width of a fixed product, such as the width of a custom cigarette when purchased, which can only be placed in a cigarette, and can not be  3-1F92Q35912533.jpgUsing the propeller can be automatically push products, improve product visibility, automotive products, improve the visibility of a commodity exhibits, merchants one of commonly used display products, convenience of consumers to find goods can also inspire the desire of consumers. The merchant can purchase the automatic propeller according to the actual demand, the automatic propeller will be the retail new trend!goods that are wider than the width of a cigarette.

"One single propeller" and "one bilateral propeller" role is to promote goods, the difference between two kinds of propeller: only one side of unilateral block partition, unilateral propeller with low cost, occupy the display area is lesser also. The bilateral thrusters have two sides, and the bilateral thrusters are stronger and more durable than the unilateral thrusters, but the cost is higher than the single side and the display area is smaller.

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