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Clothing Shop Showcase Production To Pay Attention To Which Aspects

- May 23, 2017 -

One: The style of clothing showcase production: The style of clothing determines the style of the showcase, such as: Business Men's shop and sports men's shop used in the style of the showcase is certainly different, the former is solemn and generous, the latter is easy fashion, if the order reversal will become nondescript. That is, we often say to the unity of style, but also can form a contrast between the style, but this is more used in trendy fashion shop. Our Chinese understanding of the United States is more focused on the unity and harmony of the United States. Two: Clothing showcase production materials: Showcase materials are generally divided into: solid wood, acrylic, glass, stone, metal, ceramics, synthetic materials, display different products to choose the showcase material to have a difference. Most of the clothing showcase is made of solid wood, metal, synthetic materials, these materials are easy to shape and their own attributes also appear younger fashion. Three: The production of clothing showcase lighting applications: Lighting Use is an important part of the showcase, different from ordinary lighting, its main role is to create a visual atmosphere, increase the visual impact on consumers. Often to shop to buy clothes friends will know, in the shop to see the clothing color and shop is a certain difference, in the atmosphere of the light will make the original color become softer or sharper, more in line with the needs of consumers.

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