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Cosmetics Store's Branch Cosmetics Display Case.

- Apr 07, 2018 -

Chandelier layout of practicality is very strong, "branch" in the form of different length and the flexibility to adapt to the base of different shape, advantage is high utilization rate of base, the disadvantage is that migrating is poor, if each of the branches

"Is too big, the length of the consumer is easy to give up around branches, to the rest of the, of course, may through careful cosmetics cases and the length of the" branches ", direction, intersection, secondary pathways between "branches" to change

This is the case. For example, the inner street system belongs to the windmill shape. The core of the windmill is equipped with an exfoliating layer and the cosmetics show the pool landscape, which is people-oriented traffic moving.

The planning of the human flow system in the cosmetics exhibition cabinet must meet the following factors: physical factors, architectural cosmetics display cases, business distribution laws and customers' physiological and psychological factors. Stores along the

Inside the long street and layout, main shop is on the one hand, communicate with the kernel by open cafe, on the other hand the foreign and the open gateway, make them in the shopping center layout cosmetics cases

To practice.

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