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Display Props Eight Structure Classification

- May 23, 2017 -

Display props if the classification by structural type, can be divided into complete disassembly, disassembly, monomer combination, parts disassembly type, plug-type, set-style, the overall telescopic type and special special-purpose such as eight categories. 1. Complete non-disassembly display props-all first-generation display props are not able to change the structure and shape, if no longer used, it is thrown on one side, or the use of these materials to create other categories of display props. 2. Folding display Props-use hinge (hinge) or other structural parts, so that the class display props in the use, to change the shape, reduce the volume, in order to store, transport space saving. For example, folding display frame, folding screen, folding booth and so on. 3. Monomer modular display Props--first to design a variety of monomer display props, and then use these monomers to display props (more than two, or only a single monomer multiple) combination or stack of overlapping, form and scale of the new display props. For example, a square table, a trapezoidal table, a four-petal stand, and other forms of the booth can be combined with a isosceles booth (a stand with two heights). Again, such as the use of trapezoidal table composition hexagonal booth, honeycomb-type booth, and can stand up stack of finished zigzag, mountain shape booth. With semicircular single stand, can be composed of round, four-petal flower-shaped, product-style booth. This kind of display props in the exhibition, Museum display and window layout, a lot of useful.

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