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Display Rack Customization Process.

- May 01, 2018 -

Selling point display "have years of experience in show custom, accept all kinds of products show/reveal ark custom services, whatever you do branding products or show we will for you to have a fit your brand image and product display solutions.

1. Please tell us the customized requirements of your display frame, and we will make the design for you free of charge. Or provide us your drawings, we have more than 8 years of experience in the field of quotation engineers for your detailed quotation.

2. When you confirm the appearance design of the display rack, we will arrange 2-3 exhibition designers with more than 8 years' experience in the industry to do detailed structural design for you.

* 3. The complete structural design samples we will arrange the production department production display, and led by business department, design department, engineering department, QC quality inspection department and production department cooperate with multiple sample, sample quality inspection standard and to review the sample shipment.

4. We will make detailed quotation for you according to the sample standard and the quantity, delivery date, logistics transportation information and other requirements of the display rack, and tell you to confirm the order.

* 5. After your order, we will develop in large cargo first to you to confirm again, after we will according to the requirement of the specification for inspection of the samples and your big goods production and testing, you can visit the factory at any time during the inspection.

6. We will check and accept the bulk production several times, and give you 100% quality assurance. We will arrange the shipment to inform you of the acceptance after confirmation of the bulk packaging.

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