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How Is The Product Display Of The Display Counter Of The Shopping Mall Better?

- Apr 07, 2018 -

1. The products of the mall should be displayed, displayed, and the whole product principle.

> > > malls showcase products display the decoration of the goal is to occupy more space, and increase the quantity of the decoration of the shelves as far as possible, be sure to put all the specifications and varieties of products of the company, the company's product all item classification display on a shelf, can meet the needs of different consumers, increase sales; It can also enhance the company's image and increase the influence of the product (unless there are special regulations). Make your products full of displays and display them. This will increase the richness and visibility of the product display. Customers will only buy your products if they occupy more space than the competing brands.

2. Highlight the display principle and customer convenience principle.

> > > at the mall on the ark of the show, the decoration company series products, in addition to displaying and maximize, be sure to highlight the location of the flagship product, will put the product to consumers the most convenient and easy to take place, according to the different characteristics, the main consumers of different age height for effective furnishings, such talent priorities, let the customer be clear at a glance. For example, children's products should be placed under one meter in the display cabinet.

3. Vertical concentration and light weight principle.

Vertical concentrated decoration > > > phone reveals ark can rob consumer line of sight, because the vertical concentrated display, in line with the people used to place the line of sight, heavy big product in the below, small, light products, and easy to make the decoration of the vivid and effective surface, meet people aesthetic habits.

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