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How To Do Good Department Store Display Automatic Propeller Have Skill?

- Feb 04, 2018 -

In some detail, most department stores have shelves, smoke racks, and freezers. Among them the commodity type that is commonly put on the shelf is more, the commodity type that can think of basically can appear on the shelf. Secondly, smoke rack and smoke rack are usually used for placing cigarettes. Of course, some merchants will also use the wine, so the smoke rack is also called a liquor cabinet. Finally, there are freezers. There are many drinks in the freezer, so you can say that there are freezers in almost all department stores. So how can the three shelves be properly displayed? You can choose to use different types of automatic thrusters, and the three types of appeals can be used in order to use shelf thrusters, cigarette thrusters, and self-weight slides.3-1G10P92934532.jpgThe first is for department store shelves display shelves put the goods such as bottles, cans, boxes, bulk of the different types of goods, the type of commodities is different, the shelf is only one layer board, department store business in its display and not to be very well put. In the process of commodity sale, there will be a lot of vacancies and messy phenomena, even a series of problems such as price error. To better solve the problem, department store owner can choose to use shelves propeller, shelf propeller can be used alone can also be used together at the same time, the shelf propeller can adjust the width according to the type of different goods random, let all goods shelves can well display on the shelf, display help department store shelves in the process of a series of problems.

Secondly, for the smoke rack display, because the goods on the shelves are mainly cigarettes. The department store business directly choose cigarettes propeller is ok, although the shelf propeller can also be suitable for use in smoke on the shelf, but for this fixed specifications products, cigarette use cigarettes propeller can be more convenient stores replenishment, does not take the time to adjust the width of the propeller, cigarette propeller of the combination of the standard specifications for design of cigarettes to the province. All you have to do is combine the cigarette thrusters and put them on the shelf to achieve the desired effect.

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