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How To Do Supermarket Promotion?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The supermarket promotion should hold 5 points, as long as the following 5 points, the supermarket promotion activity is done with half the effort.

1, accurate market positioning, promotion activities and festivals national culture has a great relationship, it is a never deviate  the theme of the Spring Festival to do special purchases, summer cool and refreshing, winter to keep warm... .

2. Do market work well: especially the competition. To understand the movements of the other party in the major festivals, the same brand products can be understood through the employees, customers and suppliers of the other party

The commodity structure, preferential information, new product status, etc.

3, accurately grasp the activity time: the determination of sales promotion activity time and grasp with keen market research is inseparable, especially to carry out promotional activities to focus on the competition situation before, especially the competition

The time of the activity. If a large promotional event is carried out before a competition store takes the lead and is made public in a similar fashion, you can imagine the effect of this activity.

It's like being robbed of a wife. So, the first attack is strong, the time grab the first opportunity, the promotion activity is the success half.

4, adequate inventory, as the saying goes, one can, it is a good project manager, it is a good time to sell for a moment out of stock, not only customer complaints, and affect the promotion of the employees in

The enthusiasm, the life is to be unable to achieve the effect that promotes sale at all. Therefore, especially in the big festival promotion, the commodity this must be fixed, don't forget the large number of competitors behind, don't ignore the supplier

The relationship, otherwise good commodity, good price runs to the competition store, the customer also will follow these.

5. Warm promotion atmosphere: the promotion atmosphere is very important. Chinese people are very emotional and enjoy a lot of fun. When the sales promotion, the visual atmosphere of the store must be done. The visual atmosphere of the store is composed of many aspects.

(1) hanging POP, POP is essential supplies supermarkets, POP, including many types, such as sales promotion flag hanging, promotions, flip, another can also use advertising to shake hand, wiggler, card holder, etc to do POP suspension

Hang up. Unified plan good pop, strong impact consumer's visual sense.

(2) the poster posted, store poster poster frame, must be used for sea newspaper put also must have strict rules, must be beautiful, neat, does not destroy the whole image of the supermarket.

(3) the characteristics of goods on display, or other means of adopting self-service stores in the supermarket, is a commodity to sell their own, display is effect for the enterprise to the largest and the most direct sales approach.

(4) music and special information broadcast, mainly regulate the atmosphere of the whole promotion.

These will stimulate customers' desire to buy and promote sales. Sales promotion personnel, on the other hand, the scene of the passion is important , want to rely on promotion early mobilization of administrators, only 

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