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How To Make POP Stand Out?

- Jan 26, 2018 -

First of all, in order for POP to stand out, we should think about the size and color of the paper. In the store, there are all kinds of products of different sizes and colors. In this colorful environment, if all pops are made in white paper, it will certainly not attract special attention from customers. Please try to make POP with different colors of paper, and you will get different effects.

Customers have different feelings about different colors. Yellow gives customers a cheap feeling, and light pink and orange are good. Compared with cool colors, most customers prefer warm colors.

In addition, the area of POP should be changed according to the size and content of the product. For piles is put on sale goods, should adopt large POP, but for small goods shelf displays, should pay attention to the size of the paper when making POP, don't put all goods block as well. Different sizes of POP should be prepared.

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