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How To See Whether The Wooden Display Cabinet Is Green?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Finally look at its product the whole structure and details, structure is best can find a very knowledgeable to see, if not see details, every storefront is out, if the connection is so tight that it's not a problem, has a lot to do with internal adhesives, do good is essentially better adhesive, adhesive with poor service life is very short, in a certain period of time may appear crack, is in a sealed internal even with smell is difficult to send out basic won't have what effect.

Above is a few basic to differentiate wooden display ark whether environmental protection of a few small skill! Now products are more pay attention to environmental protection, environmental protection is not only to protect the environment, is deeper to the protection of human health, it is because people have such consciousness after many merchants to sell the products of environmental protection, all in the name of environmental protection is environmental protection, consumers have no way of knowing, first of all, is the most easy to identify, in environmental protection paint spraying basic smell after baking placed a period of time, even if there are not too pungent. Not environmentally friendly paint for a long time there will be odor exist, only the surface of paint is the not to come out, open the long closed place and see if there is a pungent smell or is just a little bit hot then don't look at my eyes, the certainly not environmental protection cases.

To see in a environmental protection certificate, general if the production of products is environmental protection, after inspection will be issued by an environmental certificate, the certificate is to be after the actual authentication to get, if it is in the factory survey and it is best to look at the factory now use paint the base material of wood and other products now, they don't understand the word can first take photos, then inquire on the net this product is up to the standard of the building and environmentally friendly materials.

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