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Introduction Of The Function Of The Exhibition Construction

- May 23, 2017 -

The firm nature of the exhibition booth, in some exhibitions, exhibitors stand suddenly collapse, is bound to cause unnecessary contradictions and disputes, these are the exhibitors are the least willing to see things, in the exhibition Hall building, Booth construction should pay attention to is the material structure of the firm, such as the ceiling light box fastness and security, should be more testing, do not use should be able or almost to determine, to complete no problem to end the structure of the operation. The lighting effect of the exhibition booth is one of the most attractive visual tools, therefore, most of the exhibition halls or booths will be used to decorate the lighting color and brightness, while the brightness and temperature of the light has been overlooked a lot, the temperature and brightness in the exhibition occupies a certain atmosphere, the use of good can help exhibitors attract more clients, in other words, with that very large power, very high light effect, although it can increase the brightness of the booth, but let the audience feel a dazzling feeling, Some high-power lights, open a little longer will emit heat, if it is in the summer, when the weather is hot, people will feel the heat next to these lights, which directly affect the mood of the audience, easy to make the audience irritable, do not want to stay a little longer, so that the impact of business cooperation negotiations, in order to avoid this situation, builders in the construction of the time can choose a cool lamp, the brightness of the lamp can meet the needs of the booth, but also will not emit high heat, Standing in the light does not feel very hot, so directly to the lighting effect to solve.

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