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Inventory: Five Of Amazon's Top 10 List Of Bizarre Items

- Jan 07, 2018 -


Amazon price: $9.72

Sometimes it's not good to have too much hair on a man, because he probably doesn't want others to think of himself as a primitive man. So, the sales of male wei ting hair cream on amazon are naturally quite good. Among them, there are consumers commented: "when my daughter told me it looks like a rast method to send members (the west Indies an ardent admirer of the former Ethiopian emperor haier selassie, advocating aggressive black nationalism), I decided to make some changes. In the first few seconds of using male wei ting's hair, you just feel a warm feeling, but after that it feels like fire, and I can't describe it in words.


Amazon price: $16.31

Pictures don't naive, what is not in this box in nuclear warheads needed by uranium materials, it is only natural material with some very funny, but it still has a lot of consumers to buy the product, let a person feel very confusing indeed.


Amazon price: $9.15

The iPad stand, called "CTA Digital Pedestal," is not only able to fix a user's iPad, but also provides toilet paper for users who are in the toilet. To this, there is a consumer in the amazon in the comment area witty wrote: "my wife's routine had been very normal, but after have the device, she almost every five minutes will be the last time the bathroom, and then sitting on the toilet open Facebook, Skype and other applications. I worry if the device will end my happy family life."


Amazon price: $40.09

For die-hard Star Wars fans, Luke Skywalker's original costume props must have been one of their most coveted gifts. Among them, there will be a buyer in the comment area wrote: "once upon a time, I'm just a temporary theatre usher, but now that I've suddenly became a with Luke skywalker original clothing props temporary theatre usher!"


Amazon price: $40,000

The 4K ultra clear TV has been one of the hottest topics in the tech world last year, while south Korean company samsung launched its 4K flagship product in 2013, the 85-inch ultra hd TV UN85S9. The huge 85-inch screen is known to be embedded in a metal frame so it can slide up and down easily, allowing users to tilt and change the Angle of the TV. In addition, the device also has a 120W speaker system with 2.2 channels. However, the $40,000 price tag also keeps many consumers off.

While not many people can afford this super TV, there are some interesting comments in amazon's comments section. For example, "I can tell you from the future that you can buy this TV for $699 in 2015. I have to point out that the viewing experience on this TV is really fantastic. It's incredible."

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