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It Is Necessary To Analyze The Combination Of Shelf Display And Intelligent Carrier In New Retail.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Many retailers is no stranger to the word "new retail" in fact, in October 2016 when Mr Ma in the speech for the first time put forward the new retail this concept, in November of the same year the state council general office is issued by the "opinions about promoting entity retail innovation transformation, entity retail innovation transformation and raise a level. When there is no one in 2017 the emergence of new retail formats, in addition to jack ma, no supermarkets, one after another out of there are a variety of cleanliness and convenience stores, no no retail stores. According to incomplete statistics, the market size of unattended retail stores is 10 billion yuan in 2017, but it is expected to expand to 950 billion yuan in five years (2022). This means that unattended retail stores will be a new trend in new retailing.富临德.jpgThe use of advanced technology in the retail stores is both an opportunity and a challenge for bricks-and-mortar retailers. And there is no retail in the use of many advanced high-tech technology, but for the store goods on display will still be a problem, take set off many men friends office no one shelf, although can facilitate consumer groups take goods shelves, but the store shelves display problem is not solved. The vast majority of unmanned display shelves of goods can't always keep clean and tidy, at the same time also can't do the effect of commodities can get timely supplement, it is a sore point for unmanned retail stores, is also the first to solve a problem.

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