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New Product Roller Pusher System Shelving

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Roller Pusher System Shelving

This is a gravity supply system unit that can be implemented in many categories within the store, overcoming existing pallets or as a complete unit.



The main benefit is of course is the rotation. Easy back filling, means everything doesn’t have to be taken off the shelves for dusting. They look tidier and we don’t have to worry about attaching them to the shelves with zip ties, they are more secure than a stand.The new racking shows up less dust and looks professional, therefore the appearance of the category is better. filling, and cleaning of the lids takes much less time with the new racks. Because the product automatically moves forward customers can always see a product if there is stock on the shelf. This is important particularly for the products located on the lower racks. Again helps improve category appearance. 


  Main benefits of Roller Pusher System Shelving For Retailing

The product always faces the edge of the tray.

Dividers are repositioned, allowing different packages to be handled within the same category.

It is a retail-friendly unit that guarantees durability and continuous operation.

Increase sales through good product introductions.

Supply costs are reduced because less time is required to supply and / or organize the categories.

Because of the ease of moving and changing divider lines, you can easily change the shelf map in a category.

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