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Origin Of Pop Advertising

- Mar 04, 2018 -

Pop advertising originated in American supermarkets and self-service stores. Since the American pop advertising association was established in 1939, pop advertising has gained a formal status.

Since the 1930s, pop advertising has become more and more important to the business community, since it frequently appears in supermarkets, chain stores and other self-service stores. Since the 1960s, the self-service marketing of supermarkets has gradually expanded from the United States to all parts of the world, so pop advertising has gone global.

Pop advertising is just a name, but in its form, in ancient China, hotel, wine flag hanging outside wine gourd, outside hanging the guise of hotel, inn hang outside the complications of signs, or hangs the medicine bottle gourd, plaster, or chemist of jintan, etc., and at the holidays and in cas

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