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Our Company’s Welfare

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Our company mainly engaged in the production of pop props and commercial exhibits, be widely used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing stores, convenience stores, fruits and vegetables supermarkets, etc.

Our company has good benefits. This is because we have a very generous boss for the staff. the first. Monthly financial and personnel will be unified to each employee to send paper towels, not just the office area, the workshop of each employee also enjoy this treatment. Our company adds up to 100 employees. This also requires a small sum of money. Second, whenever festivals, the boss will prepare a staff of the gift box. Mid-Autumn Festival we have moon cake, the Dragon Boat Festival we have rice dumplings, etc., will be based on national holidays to give us a holiday. Third, the company set up a special set of tea for employees to rest. Filled with free snacks, coffee and green tea. Also placed a refrigerator. Responsible for the procurement of colleagues will be on-demand procurement of various food into the refrigerator. Such as fruit, ice cream, ice cream. Yogurt and so on. Fourth, the company will also be responsible for the work of each employee meal, employer a superb culinary arts for our lunch and dinner, the daily dishes are repeated, the taste is also great. In Felicity, we are not just at work, we are while enjoying life while working. There is no tension and depressed work atmosphere, the daily work is easy. But we know that their job responsibilities, will be consciously and responsibly to complete each job. The boss gives us unlimited benefits, we naturally will give the boss the best feedback.

Hangzhou Fulinde Display Manufacturer
Add:No.17 Xingfa Road,Xingqiao Street,Yuhang,Hangzhou,Zhejiang

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