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POP Advertising Can Be Divided Into

- Jan 04, 2018 -

(1) head POP advertisement: POP advertisements placed at the head of the store, such as kanban, standing billboards, large physical samples, etc.

(2) ceiling hanging POP, such as advertising banner, tag advertisement, etc.;

(3) ground POP advertisement: POP advertisement placed on the ground from the head of the store to the store, with the display and sales function of the goods;

(4) counter POP advertising;

(5) wall POP advertisement: POP advertisement attached to the wall, such as poster board, sign board, decoration, etc.

(6) display rack POP ads: small pops attached to a display rack, such as a display card. POP advertisements can tell the attitude of the operators of clothing retailers. Some clothing stores have done a lot of POP advertising, the store appears vigorous and vigorous; Instead, there are stores that don't see POP ads at all, and the store looks dead. Coca-Cola has proposed the principle of shop-head actiity, which makes the store attractive with display, display and POP advertising.

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