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POP -- Not Just A Piece Of Paper

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Whether it is for the sale of products, or the establishment of the brand image of the chain terminal, POP advertising can be a great display.

"The popularity rating of instant noodles this week!"

Have you ever seen a POP like this?

It is reported that this kind of extremely entertaining POP advertisement content, unexpectedly also can let the sale of the product soar.

This tells us that POP advertising is not just a simple content that can be used as a promotion notice, a low price, etc. In the daily operation of the store, whether for the sale of the product or the establishment of the brand image of the chain terminal, POP advertising can be a great display.

Make the goods "speak up"

"Stores can arrange POP ads based on how customers go from shop to shop." "First, you can arrange POP in front of store, window and other places, and release some attractive information to attract customers. To guide the customer to the area of interest by indicating type POP; After that, in each counter or some specific area with corresponding POP to do publicity and introduction; Finally, at the checkout counter, you can have some warm reminders or thanks for your work. In this way, customers can feel the relaxed and joyful atmosphere brought by POP during the whole consumption process.

In these steps, the following key points are the most important:

Guided by the rigid purchase area to the impulse buying area, and eliminate the display of dead Angle.

At present, the mainstream customers in domestic pharmacies are still the customers with the main demand of drugs, and the rigid demand is still the main factor of the customer. Then, through the guidance of POP advertising, it is the key to increase the sales and gross profit of customers from the rigid purchasing zone (drug zone) to the impulse buying area (non-drug area). In the drug area, we will tell customers about the selling points and brand stories of non-drugs, and guide customers to browse and buy them through the way of POP, POP, wall POP and shelf POP.

At the same time, through the guidance of POP advertising, the display of dead Angle can be eliminated, and some areas with poor location can be activated by the wonderful POP poster.

Continuously instill brand impression, continue to tell brand story.

Cooperate with suppliers, excavate the stories behind the mature brands for many years, and continuously tell them to customers through POP posters. This is not just a matter of concern for the manufacturer, as customers remember the brand story while also impressing the store with a wonderful POP poster.

And for the main products and brands, the necessity of advertising in the store is much larger than the brand products. Guangdong zhaoqing everyday state health pharmaceutical chain POP trainer jun-long huang, "on the POP use question headlines to cause the attention of the customer, throw the customer focus on topics, let customers take the initiative to ask about the main or own-brand products, this is helpful to the sales of these goods."

The quantity is piled up, dazzling, the advantage shows.

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