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POP Several Suggestions

- Jan 26, 2018 -

My personal Suggestions are as follows:

To strengthen the understanding of POP: don't think POP is the burden of enterprises is in the minority, but the retail competition emphasis in the future, will focus on promotion, no promotion of the enterprise, will not have customer flow, for many successful foreign capital enterprise, they think, merchandise display and POP is inseparable, POP is fundamental for sales and promotion can not or lack of, POP equal of shelves in stores! Therefore, our domestic enterprises must pay attention to the role of POP.

Strengthen the management of sales promotion: domestic retail enterprises still stay in the store location competition stage, think good geographical position, natural meeting sales, but according to the experience of the Japanese retail enterprises, due to the worsening traffic conditions and the expansion of the scope of travel store location is no longer the first important, it is important to organize promotions to attract customers, the formation of large quantities of purchase, the promotion of the activities of the organizations should not only stay in general, for large stores, chain, is the only effective sales promotion commodity price promotion, enterprise must take the promotion as one of the most important daily work, will promote the product promotion commodity group, the main body, the choice of supplier negotiations, sales promotion commodity logistics organization, organization of DM print, store display and POP display, promotion analysis and other work as a whole process management, and don't like the current many enterprises, only as individual work.

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