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POP Stand Means.

- Apr 20, 2018 -

POP in international trade means: Product certificate Proof of Product, that is, the goods prove POP (Point of Purchase) originally refers to the commercial sale of an over-the-counter sales promotion tool, the type of informal, but the display of decoration in the otc content is given priority to, such as tag, posters, stickers, big signs, physical model, flags, etc., are standing within the scope of the POP. POP's Chinese name is also known as "shop head furnishings".

POP stents are one of them, which are mainly divided into floor type POP stand, desktop POP stand, magnetic seat POP stand, etc., which is well made and easy to use. It has been popularized in supermarkets, shopping malls and specialty stores. Hangzhou fullinde is the largest POP producer in China, and you are welcome to buy and buy.


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