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Reveal The Gap Between Domestic And Foreign Ice Beverage Displays.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

It is not difficult to find such a gap between the two. At home whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores or other retail place the freezer beverage display area can be seen in the commodity can always give a person a kind of messy, uneven, stagger, and even selected left feeling, and most of the time in the freezer drinks have no neat full goods in freezers front show, when customers want to buy goods is always hard to find at a glance to goods, when goods and it is difficult to find want to ace, brought inconvenience to consumers purchase experience. In the freezer beverage display areas in these places abroad commodities on display not only clean and orderly, can give a person a kind of plentiful feeling, at the same time also can keep drinks moment in shelf front display to facilitate consumer groups quickly take and the choose and buy goods.

The main reason for this discrepancy is that the ice shelf is not well displayed, and the display props are not used. For the display problem of freezer, there are a lot of merchants will increase freezer's tally times to keep freezer appearance neat, so that the client can take. However, the increase of the number of tally will not only lead to the increase of the number of refrigerator opening times, but also increase the cost of electric power, and reduce the cooling rate of the freezer to some extent. In foreign countries, although there is no number is tally is still able to maintain a clean and tidy appearance of freezer, not only increase the cost of electricity expenses also can increase the performance of biscuits beverage sales, are able to do this mainly due to use of the freezer of display props - the use of gravity slide.

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