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Store Display Space Is Small, How To Achieve The Best Design Effect?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

1. The overall environment of the exhibition hall adopts the overall picture or Mosaic technology.

If the exhibition hall is short, can install a group of grille lamp on the ceiling, line or grid. Or use a slotted lamp to illuminate the ceiling. A large area of luminous ceiling can also be made of direct tube fluorescent lamps. More advanced "electroluminescent" lighting technology can be used to lighten the ceiling, wall and floor of the whole site.

In addition, in the back and bottom of the wall display case, in the lower part of the display case, also install the direct tube type fluorescent lamp or neon lamp. In this way, the display cabinet will make people feel more spacious, tall, change the original depression, depressing feeling.

The main colors of the display cabinets are bright colors.

3. Adopt small scale in the design of booth design.

In the smaller display space, the booth and display props must not be excessively large, but should be coordinated with the scale of the display space. On the scale selection should be based on the above dimensions, to make the audience feel friendly and comfortable.

White and light beautiful color is used for wall shed surface or prop and the appearance of partition, can enlarge the broad sense of space. And with deep color, can make a person feel the space is small, the mood is suffocating melancholy.

4. Minimize the color of props.

The exhibition hall is small, the display density must be small and small, and the channel should be lenient, so as to ensure the safety of the audience and make the exhibition hall spacious.

5. Reasonable lighting effect.

The K8 system (eight prism exhibition frame) or the 3-way plug type frame structure, edged with white organic glass, internal installation ZhiGuanXing fluorescent lamp, can make the booth a translucent, your person feels light and lively, and the booth image is outstanding, can attract audience attention.

6. Don't use textures or patterns that look cheap.

The exhibition hall is small, unfavorable use a lot of large scale and the pattern of strong and strong color is decorated, because the foil of these patterns can make a person feel the exhibition hall "change" less, and will make a noise. A bit of a separate pattern can be used. If not use large area pattern cannot, must choose small flower pattern, and colour wants shallow.

7. The emission of products should be layered, which can highlight the theme.

Both the booth image and display props such as appearance, to try to "whole" and "Jane" absolutely avoid multifarious and trivial modelling, must be bright, concise and easy, let a person look after feel better. This is especially important.

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