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Taiwan Convenience Stores, Why Let People Left After The Life Cannot Provide For Oneself?

- Jan 07, 2018 -

"Leaving the convenient 7-eleven, I found that I couldn't help myself when I was on a business trip." A reporter who recently returned to the mainland on a business trip to the mainland has "missed" the convenience store in Taiwan in a social "circle of friends".

In a recent interview, the enthusiastic Taiwanese friend joked to the reporter: if there is something missing, don't worry, don't look for us, just find the convenience store.

Perhaps the above two exaggerate, but in Taiwan travel or business trip for a period of time, can realize the convenience store powerful: many people find they do not need, People's Daily life of service they can meet you need.

7-eleven, the whole family, Lyle rich, OK, walk on the streets of Taipei, the 24-hour convenience store of all kinds is visible. In some crowded areas, such as the Taipei transfer station, there is one in less than five minutes. Walk down the arcade, welcome customer convenience store "ding dong" doorbell.

The number of convenience stores across Taiwan has now surpassed 10,000, with one in every 2,000 people, making it one of the most compact convenience stores in the world.

Why are convenience stores so popular in Taiwan? "Because of convenience," nanjing west road a 7 - Eleven store in Taipei, white-collar xie took just bought drinks told reporters with a smile, "we are lazy, don't have to run the supermarket buy some things, to the convenience store."

She said, although things such as carrefour supermarket will be cheaper, but only at the weekend, will go to large shopping to buy things at ordinary times, especially after go out suddenly found something left behind, can walk into a convenience store, "it is the convenience".

Convenience is the main reason that convenience stores in Taiwan get consumers' attention. In a convenience store usually only a few dozen square meters, the daily necessities such as food and clothing are available. Beverage food, emergency medicine, newspapers, photocopying, payment, ticket purchase, package collection and other customer needs can all be satisfied. Some convenience stores in northern Taiwan also sell vegetables and fruit.

Recently, a group of Chinese national Peking Opera troupe, led by strychel and plum group tsing yi, performed at the Beijing Opera house, where they bought tickets for the show. And the xiaomi mobile phone bought by Taiwan netizens can also receive goods at the convenience store.

There are also convenience stores in the streets, schools, hospitals, MRT, office buildings, and even in alishan. In addition to Taiwan island, there are also a number of outlying islands such as penghu and green island, which not only bring daily necessities to local people, but also provide supplies for tourists.

So there are Taiwanese media that think there are too many convenience stores and "lazy" Taiwanese. Mr. Gao, a Taipei taxi driver, said with a smile that life in Taiwan must be a convenience store.

In recent years, with the increasing number of mainland tourists, some convenience stores, especially those in popular scenic spots, have started to offer "mainland characteristics" services. Some convenience stores can pay in renminbi and can also be mailed to mainland tourists. After the mainland tourists buy the products, they fill out the form and the goods are sent back to the mainland immediately. Chinese tourists like pineapple cakes, suncakes, golden gate kaoliang and face masks have become a new profit point for convenience stores.

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