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Tell The Product POP Experience Of The Store Manager

- Feb 09, 2018 -

"There is nothing more convincing and convincing than the experience," said the Japanese retail expert village sondaff. It is much better to tell customers about their experience than to take out a printed material and tell them that "so-and-so, big brand, trustworthy" is better. Often change the shop doorway "store long experience POP", also is the good method that carries on the product promotion.

The shop has its own voice.

Differentiation is not just a product. A group of highly individualized shop assistants, and the customer groups in their business circle, have accumulated over time, forming some habituated elements, which are also part of differentiated management.

Warm tips, community interaction.

The community convenience store, store can hand draw some warm reminder that "... "and so on the content, interact with customers, can even let customers will pass by every day take a look at the store in new POP as a habit of life.

Taiwan China shop, chairman of the association for the advancement of Gong Rongmao put forward the concept of "shop active shape", its demands shops try to shape the attractive stores set guest effect, use of lighting, props, POP advertising tools such as understandable in commodity information for customers and lively fancy shopping atmosphere.

In CongBin view, the community is a place where residents concentration living, closer to each other easier, more interactive topics, such as the elderly more concerned about the daily necessities, young people more concerned about fashion information, etc., can be as the subject matter of the POP. "At a convenience store or community pharmacy, POP advertising in addition to introduce their goods, you can also set aside a little space to write the weather, near the market price of vegetables, main TV at night, and so on."

For pharmacies, the "theme" of warm prompts is much more than the convenience store. It is a reminder of the errors of health and the prevention of epidemics that can continue to be written. In addition, some well-known bad living habits, often remind also can appear very intimate, for example "deep winter, you still often stay up late?" "Although the weather is getting hotter, please don't drink too much cold drink, eat the melon, etc." These are small things, but as they go on for a few years, they will become the distinctive voice of the store, which will form the core competitiveness.

Long-term POP is good for chain brand promotion.

POP advertising can be divided into long-term and short-term two kinds, such as this part of the back side to the ceiling on space, in addition to print advertising products, can also be in the form of long-term POP advertising for chain brand publicity.

Public welfare activities, corporate news, the development of new stores, corporate culture, business philosophy, and so on, can be conducted on long-term POP advertising propaganda, directly facing the customers due to its effect would be even better than in the local daily and evening newspaper. However, these pops need to be replaced regularly to avoid loss and rundown. Moreover, the use of a few hand-painted POP posters is much more impressive than just a large corporate photo.

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