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The Basic Situation Of Shop POP Art.

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Number of art: the shops will be set up POP art, can be considered according to the stores area of every 1000-2000 square meters / 1 person, such as a foreign capital enterprise, 15000 - square - meter store seven artists, these artists main responsibility is to meet every 2 weeks of large promotion, will also be busy store layout, and other work, but domestic enterprises will argue that the artist is the burden of enterprises, so as not to set up full-time artist, temporary again when need to deploy a large number of part-time workers, also led to the quality of the POP slash.

Educational level: these POP artists are mostly graduated from high school. From the point of view of art, many of them have no artistic foundation, and the understanding of color (.. ), POP's skill source is basically half way out of the home, or the way that the master takes his apprentice.

Age and salary: the age of shop POP artists is about 20 to 25 years old (only a few years old), and the salary is usually between 800 and 1800 yuan.

Job responsibilities and contents: besides writing POP regularly, these artists should also help organize the sales promotion activities, store layout and other printed materials.

Working strength: artist working strength depends on the promotion of the organization's frequency, if there is no large-scale activities, the status of the foreign capital enterprise per person per day may need to write about 50 POP, once encounter large sales promotion activity, a hypermarket to write a 1000-1000 or so POP, every POP artist day to write a 200-300 a POP, and frequent overnight to work overtime, it should be said that the intensity of labor is larger.

But the odd thing is that many of our domestic POP artists often have nothing to do, and one big reason is that there are too few pops in the store.

Working environment: compared with other departments, the working environment of POP artists in the store is poor, and the work space is crowded, the writing desk is piled up, and the ink is splashed everywhere.

Job satisfaction: many POP artists are not very satisfied with their jobs and think they have no career prospects, but think there is no other way out.

Attitude to modern technology, asked if they want to use the modern technology, such as POP production system), the reduction of labor intensity, surprised us is that many POP artists antipathy is very strong, especially in some degree is too low or older artists, don't want to face these could replace their new technology, showed great sealing ability.

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