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The Design Point Of The Cosmetics Store - Display Case.

- Apr 07, 2018 -

The store display props are the main carrier of the display products of the mall, and also the main frame for the space vision of the mall. Different products have different display and prop forms and functions. The display of the mall is set up.

Cosmetics display and production of the advantages and disadvantages will directly affect the product sales and the enterprise brand image.

The main reason is that the cosmetics display cabinet in department stores lacks the overall planning of cosmetics display cases and the standard requirements of professional standards. This problem is due to our professional commercial cosmetics display company and.

Talent shortage, and commercial enterprises in the decoration of the cosmetics display case planning lack of professional company specific guidance. Therefore, in the shopping mall decoration planning and display cabinet cosmetics display cases more, and more.

Cosmetics shelves to store business, management, marketing, internal demand, especially lack of professional system to understand and study the following main cosmetics cases, for example, interpretation shows that cosmetic cases

The main point. Thus, the visual space of many shopping malls is homogenized, and the display cases and props lack practicality, artistry, economy, security and humanized functional requirements. For this reason, I am based on two.

After more than 10 years of experience and research in retail and commercial decoration, we have put forward the display cabinet and the main points of the cosmetics. Cosmetic display cabinet, cosmetics display cabinet features, and production.

Product placement

The first: the circular cosmetics display case of the cosmetics store.

Cosmetics such as optimal Nick furniture store shelves, the whole building surrounded an oval large landscape garden, street within the basic structure for loop system, and spread out on both sides of the curved road, road

The width is not very large, there is a dialing layer, the inner street and the plane contour are well combined, and the significance of the circular layout to shopping center layout is expressed.

Circular layout is suitable for the looser base, pedestrian street form a loop, shop can get a more equal chance to be browsing, good advantage is migrating, can increase the sales opportunities, easy to use

In the face, clear to the heart to organize the atrium space, the disadvantage is that the larger depth of the depth of the fire evacuation has higher requirements.

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