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The Function Of Pop Advertising.

- Jan 14, 2018 -

old new product notification.

Almost all of the pop ads are advertised for new products. When the new product is sold, with other mass media, pop advertising in the sales place can attract consumers' attention and stimulate their desire to buy.

Fold purchase awareness

Although the manufacturer has used all kinds of mass media, or the product for the enterprise to carry on the extensive publicity, but sometimes when customers into the store, have other mass media advertising content, use of pop advertising display at the scene at the moment, can arouse the consumer's potential consciousness, to recall products, make purchases.

Fold to replace

Pop ads have the name of "silent salesmen" and "most loyal salesmen". Pop advertising often use the environment is a supermarket, and buy in the supermarket is optional way, in the supermarket, when consumers face a lot of goods and do not know how to start, put in the outstanding pop advertisement around commodities, faithfully, and constantly provide product information to consumers, can rise to attract consumers to its purchases of determination.

Folding creates a sales atmosphere.

Use of pop advertising strong colors, beautiful patterns, prominent modelling, humorous action, accurate and vivid advertising language, can create a strong sales atmosphere, to attract consumer attention, contribute to the impulsive purchase.

With the sun in the summer, cosmetics company into brown handsome girl, lie down in the picture of the sea into the POP, hanging inside the shop, cosmetics store, make consumers have a strong seasonal feeling, realize oneself also need to go to the beach easily one day, but more must remember to bring so-and-so cosmetics skincare products to protect the skin.

Fold up the corporate image.

Some enterprises in China not only pay attention to raising the popularity of products, but also pay great attention to the publicity of corporate image. Like other advertisements, pop advertising can establish and enhance corporate image in the sales environment, thus maintaining a good relationship with consumers.

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