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The Importance Of Showcase In Business Presentation

- May 23, 2017 -

At present, the showcase has become a very important part of the commercial showcase, it is the main carrier of commercial performance of goods, but also constitutes the main framework of commercial space vision. Different products have different forms and functions of the showcase. Shopping malls showcase design and production of the pros and cons, will directly affect the sale of goods and corporate brand image. In recent years, the showcase in the design, production has a greater development and progress, which is mainly market competition more mature, enterprises pay more attention to shaping the brand image results. However, throughout the department stores or shopping malls boutique showcase props design and production, and international standards are much different. Showcase design on The imitation of more components, and design company's business, management, marketing of the internal needs, but also the lack of systematic professional understanding and research. Thus, the homogeneity of the visual space of many shopping malls, the lack of practicality, artistry, economy, security and the functional requirements of human nature. Because showcase is the main carrier of goods, like furniture in the family, not only to be as much as possible by the use of clothing, furnishings and works of art practicality, but also have affinity and personality, the expression of a family's cultural level and style, but also the performance of a family's economic strength, and design showcase is the case. Showcase to design furniture like fine carving, grasp the design function of showcase, design elements and design ideas, ideas, ideas into.

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